In the past, if you were replacing teeth with dentures, you would have had to wait until your mouth had healed from the extractions before your new dentures could be placed. However, with immediate dentures, you can begin enjoying the benefits of a full smile in a single appointment with our dentist and team.

The process starts with our team taking impressions of your existing teeth and your gums. Those impressions will be used to create a model from which your denture will be created. When your new denture is ready, our dentist will extract any teeth that need to be removed and place your denture — all in one visit.

It is important that you follow our instructions after your appointment. This will ensure that you recover properly and that your mouth is able to accommodate the new dentures. While your ability to eat, speak and smile normally will be restored, you will need to see our dentist for follow-up visits. We will want to check the extraction sites and will likely need to make adjustments to your dentures so that they will fit you properly. We may place a temporary liner, but we will want to see you for a visit to add a permanent one. This liner not only keeps you comfortable but also aids in creating a proper fit for your dentures. There will be a period of adjustment, and we can suggest an over-the-counter pain reliever to address any discomfort.

If you are tired of living with missing teeth and are ready to take on life with a new smile, call our office today for your appointment with our dentist.